Maid in Angels’ Cafe (MIA Cafe)

MIA Cafe

* The information is correct as of [Jan 25, 2006].


Find Maid in Angels’ Cafe, aka MIA Cafe, by looking for the colorful hand-written signboard saying “MIA” near the major intersection (See Map).
The cafe is on the second floor, and the smoking area is located relatively higher space, which prevents the smoke to drift to the non-smoking area.
They have some Gacha-gacha (capsule) vending machines in front of the entrance. You can get maid photographs or the ticket to take a picture of maids (“Checkit”). By collecting some tokens, you can also obtain an alarm clock with maid voice recorded.
MIA Cafe features a variety of imported beers and Chinese teas, differentiating itself from other maid cafes.

Unique menu:

- Higawari Curry (Daily curry with rice)
Curries such as red, green, black, and so on. Rice accompanies.

- Chinese tea
Choose from four different types of Chinese tea.

Webpage: (English) (Japanese)

Business hours:

Mon – Fri: 12:00pm – 22:00pm
Sat - Sun, Day before holiday: 11:00pm – 22:00pm
* Sometimes operates until 5:00am.


1F Meiji Building
3-1-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ward


Nine minutes walk from Electric Town exit of JR Akihabara station.

[6] on the map.

No smoking section:


Seat reservation:


Time restriction:

Yes. 90 minutes when crowded.