* The information is correct as of [Jan 25, 2006].


On the opposite side of the huge Yodobashi Camera building, Pinafore is situated on the first floor just ten seconds away from the Showa-dori exit of JR Akihabara station. You can easily find it with a pink signboard.
A couple of maid uniforms in pink and white are displayed on the wall, brightening the air of cafe. There are many counter seats for one person, so don’t worry if you come alone.
Pinafore has a lot of contents on its website. You can see maid photo gallery or download their original game (although in Japanese), to name a few.
The cafe features large-size parfaits. In addition to standard parfait menu, they have the parfait of the month.

Unique menu:

- Parfaits
You can enjoy the parfait of the month offered only in the month.

- Pina hotcake
Choose ice cream and sauce to be topped on the cake, from chocolate, strawberry, and so forth.

Webpage: (Japanese)

Business hours:

11:00pm – 22:30pm


1F Yamanaka Building
1-19 Kandasakuma-cho Chiyoda-ward


One minute walk from Show-dori exit of JR Akihabara station.

[5] on the map.

No smoking section:


Seat reservation:

Not available

Time restriction:

Yes. 90 minutes when crowded.