* The information is correct as of [Jan 17, 2006].


The roomy store space located on the second floor is divided into two ares: the sophisticated cafe area and the unique cafe area imitating an elementary school classroom.
Visitors from overseas can enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese school.
Cos-cha features its special events. In the legendary “Suku-mizu day” event, waitresses, called “angels” here, wore school-style swimsuits and served customers. The event attracted more than three or four hundred people with a long line of procession outside the cafe.
Cos-cha has a special service menu. For example, an angel blows on a spoonful of hot curry and rice to cool it down and softly carries into your mouth (the first spoon only!).
There is a cos-play tavern on the fourth floor of the same building.

Unique menu:

- Angel mikkuchu juice (Angel mix juice)
Angel makes a mixed juice at your table.

- Koibito kibun de Hu Hu Ahn (“Hu Hu Ahn” in a loverly mood)
Angel carries a spoonful of beef curry into your mouth after blowing on it to cool down.

* Note: “Hu Hu Ahn” is an imitative word that expresses cooling food and opening your mouth.

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Business hours:

Mon – Sat: 11:50pm – 23:00pm
Sun, Holiday: 11:00pm – 22:00pm


3-7-12 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ward


Eight minutes walk from Electric Town exit of JR Akihabara station.
One minute walk from Suehiro-cho subway station of Ginza Line.

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No smoking section:


Seat reservation:


Time restriction:

Yes. 90 minutes when crowded.