* The information is correct as of [Jan 17, 2006].


Located in the basement of a building facing a side street, JAM AKIHABARA is a chic and calm cafe.
Maids here are called “fairies” (Yousei) for their loveliness.
One of the advantages is the variety of alcohols you can choose from. The lunch menu available only on weekdays (12pm – 16 pm) is relatively inexpensive for their size, attracting hungry people.
Because JAM operates overnight on weekends and the day before holidays, some hard-core fans spend a night enjoying the cafe mood.
The cafe is crowded on weekends. We recommend visiting here in the weekday daytime.

Unique menu:

- Yousei-san no Moe Moe Omuraisu (Fairy’s Moe Moe Rice Omelet)
A plate of omelet with rice on which a maid draws a simple picture with ketchup.

- Moe cha set (Moe tea set)
A pot of green tea and a Dorayaki, Japanese pancake with sweet bean jam inside.


http://jam-akiba.com (Japanese)

Business hours:

Mon – Thu, Sun: 12:00pm – 23:00pm
Fri – Sat, Day before holiday: 12:00pm – 5:00am


B1F Yamaguchi Building
3-2-13 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ward


Five minutes walk from Electric Town exit of JR Akihabara station.

[1] on the map.

No smoking section:


Seat reservation:


Time restriction:

Yes. 90 minutes when crowded.